Month: February 2006

Odd Ebay Item

The World RPS Society would like to bring to your attention a somewhat dubious auction taking place on Ebay. Someone is claiming to be offering the original Rock Paper and Scissors. The write-up, in part goes as such: A moment

Those Crazy Gaijin

Yamato Damacy

  A video weblog called Yamato Damacy in their 11th Episode have the two foreign hosts Rahman and Jesse take to the streets of Karuizawa in Japan to challenge people to games of RPS. This video is a great introduction

Those crazy Japanese


The Japanese always seem to up serve up novel/bizzare situations to use Rock Paper Scissors in their television shows. This makes sense becuase the game is much more developed as a cultural concept in Japan. You could easily play for

Interesting Yahoo Question

Yahoo Answers

Someone over at Yahoo Answers posted a question about the odds of winning against a computer. Some pretty interesting answers are being put forward.   If you are interested in the discussion, head on over to Yahoo Answers  

4 RPS Short Films


RPS has been a popular theme for many short films and the Think Three blog is highlighting a few that we have come across over the years. The films vary in production values and quality but we applaud each and

RPS on Survivor

Survivor RPS

Once again, Survivor teaches us that Outwitting and Outlasting is often about Outplaying your opponents at RPS  Who could forget Survivor Africa contestant  Clarence ill-conceived Rock losing to Teresa’s paper, This not only cost him the immunity challenge but…(READ MORE)

The Girls vs. The Woman of RPS


RPS is a sport where both woman and men compete on equal footing. In fact, it is a long held truth of the sport that woman are much better RPS players than men for the simple fact that woman always

Running a Tournament

RPS champs

Get your tournament recognized by the World RPS Society   The World RPS Society is dedicated to helping promote Rock Paper Scissors, not only to resolved disputes, but also as a great competitive sporting activity. There are 2 ways to

2005 World Championship Results

2005 Championships Official Results   The 2005 Rock Paper Scissors World Championships was held at the Magestic Steamwhistle Brewery in Toronto, Canada and brought competitors from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, The Cayman Islands, 26

2004 World Championship Results

2004 Championships Official Results  If you consider yourself an RPS player then there was nowhere on earth more exciting to be than in Toronto on Saturday October 16th. The 2004 Rock Paper Scissors World Championships brought competitors from as far