Month: March 2006

Yet again more issues

As the Worldwide governing body of the sport of RPS, we at the World RPS Society are obviously concerned when it appears that the USARPS continues to show a complete disregard for the player experience. We received another field report

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RPS on Fox News

Fox News recently ran a great piece on RPS that made the front page of their website. Congratulations are in order to Mr. C. Urbanus (2005 Top 16 Finisher and Master Strategist) who was interviewed for the piece and provided

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Interesting Post of the Day


Joe Kissell’s Interesting Thing of the Day wrote an article on RPS as a sport back in early March . In part he discusses how he uses RPS in daily decison making and how RPS is not, contrary to popular

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Traffic Comparison vs.

Granted, we at the Think Three Blog might be the only ones that care about the following graph, but nevertheless we thought it worth sharing as proof of the triumph of content vs. crappola.   In a nutshell, it shows

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The Quest for the Trio of Hands

Worldrps Bulllboarder "Frogkill" asked what probably seemed to him a fairly straightforward question: I am really interested in buying a copy of the Trio of Hands. I have read excerts from the book and would like to own a copy.

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RPS graffiti bomb

Quick Hit: Seems that RPS is getting more and more ‘street cred’ lately. We noticed this interesting piece of work from Slovakia in Eastern Europe recently. Link from    

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Enough is Enough

There is only so much ineptitude that we can take before we start to lose it completely. Once again USARPS is up to their old tricks and demonstrating that while they are good at selling programs to big beer companies,

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USARPS Tournament Report

World RPS Society member and World Class level player "The Saint" went to check out a recent USARPS event and provided us with a copy of his tournament report. Frankly, things are obviously much worse than we ever thought could

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Game Theory An Artist’s Guide

Game Theory A Guide by Artist Tammy Wofsey Were we ever pleased when Tammy Wofsey contacted us about her new book Game Theory: A Guide. Currently her handmade working proof is appearing in an artshow called the Artist and the

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Another RPS Short Film

48hour film

Bullboarder "rhymeswithsausage" made a recent posting pointing to a video he created as part of the 48 hour film project that is based upon RPS. We feel that this project is certainly worth a mention on our Think Three Blog.

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