Month: March 2006

Standing the Shoulders of Giants

The Hour

WRPSS rep discuss the USARPS league on CBC Douglas Walker, the Managing Director of the World RPS Society was interviewed by CBC television’s great program The Hour with the best-named host in the history of television George Stroumboulopoulos.  When asked

Poor Gameplay Plagues USARPS events

Vertical Paper - The scurge of the Sport

Frankly, we are boggled as to how Budweiser and the USARPS is running their events without player riots. We caught wind of a news article from the Northwest Indiana that covered the regional finals in Valparaiso that literally scared us

USARPS Challenges the WRPSS?!

The Kid

Instead of working hard to establish themselves as legitimate members of the RPS community, the USARPS league is coming on like a ton of misplaced bricks. In their latest salvo, they are issuing a ‘challenge’ to the World RPS Society

Wine vs. Beer

Roshambo Winery

Our friends at Roshambo Winery obviously have taken issue with the recent events rocking the world of competitive level RPS, especially when their entire reason for being is centred around Roshambo. We noticed an interesting blog entry from one of

Call to Conflict

The World RPS Society throughout its history has always been a big believer mass communications to help further develop the appeal of RPS as a game, sport and the ultimate non-biased decision-maker.   Clear, simple and strong messages that focus on