Month: April 2006

SMUSHED : Fist Full of Fuey at Rock Paper Scissors Championship

Noticed a 2-part article on that covered the 2003 World Championships. If you have never competed at the World-class level, it is a very good read of the kind of game play and atmosphere you can expect at the

Pete Lovering Celebrity Anecdote

Lovering Quote

  We, at Think Three were pleasantly surprised to see that 2002 RPS World Champion Pete Lovering made the Celebrity Anecdotes with some of his comments at the 2003 World RPS Championships including: RPS never lies… If it's the right

Japanese Invent RPS Robotic Godzilla!

Having robots play RPS is nothing new around here. Heck, we have dozens around the World RPS office that continually engage each other in Robot wars type duels (our resident IT guy James Hagherty can generally be seen at lunch

Joan of Arcadia Part II: The Battle

This is the domain of the philospohers and poets and not the mathematicians For those of you that missed the famous Joan of Arcadia episode called Game Theory, we at Think Three would like to show you the thrilling climatic

Sierra Mist RPS Commercial with Outtakes

RPS has always been a big theme for commercials and televisions programs. If we could hand out awards for "Best use of RPS in a commercial" this spot for Sierra Mist woudl certainly take home first prize.  So in case

Play RPS on your PSP


Looking for some RPS action on your Playstation Portable? Check out this homebrew PSP game called RPS Advanced: Rock Paper Scissors Battle Game . It is only in ver0.5 so please use you best judgement in trying it out. It features

Philly RPS City League

Philly League

Congrats on the new RPS City league in Philadelphia. Here is a Press Release that came across our desks today:Pabst Blue Ribbon is pleased to announce the Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series. This event