Month: June 2006

New Event Date For Championships

The date for this year’s World Rock Paper Scissors Championships event is actually November 11 2006 rather than the previously advertised date of September 30th. The WRPSS regrets any issues this change will cause competitors and has contacted all players

Street RPS Strategy Session #1

Master Roshambollah has provided some very interesting insight on the WRPSS bullboard into some of the different strategies of Street RPS. Seeing that there is a $1000.00 Street RPS competition that takes places as part of the 2006 World Championships

PBRPRPSSCC Flickr Photos

Here are some more flickr pictures of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City Leage Championship Series Championship, held June 17th at Whiskey Dick’s in Philadelphia, PA. Congrats to all the competitors. You can see the full set

Online RPS Player

We got an email from the guys over at Shadowland about a nice simple little online RPS game they have created. So, us being us we had to check it out . Could not figure out what algorithm it uses

Photos of the Day

Saw some interesting RPS themed photos on flickr over here 

World Championship Video Series #3

Part 3 of the Championships. Find out about what kind of training it takes to compete at the World Class level of Rock Paper Scissors

Nothing but Goodtimes at PBRPRPSCLCS

What a finish to the longest-named tournament on the RPS circuit: the Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series . Johnny Goodtimes (pictured on right), a local Philly legend (who was seeded 66th), came out on

RPS Fashion Expansion

Back in 1972, the World RPS Society, decided the time was right to expand the Worldrps brand into fashion clothing design and manufacturing. Since their line of RPS t-shirts had been selling very well, it was felt that making a

Honeymooner Wins Roshambo Winery event

While cruising for pictures of the great Roshambo Winery event, we came across the following that made us smile from ear to ear. We are so happy that the winner of the event was on her honeymoon. Honeymooner wins biggest

Second Annual North Pole Classic Results

From Geir Arne Brevik (Norway): It’s a great honour to bring the results from the just finished RPS tournament here in Longyearbyen, on the city’s 100th anniversary day. This little community gathered together 36 of it’s finest RPS talents, and