Month: August 2006

Breaking Mirror Play

If you can get by most of the the 'bull' on the World RPS bullboard, one can often find some great strategic gems. Once again, Master Roshambollah, the self-proclaimed self-proclaimer has provided a must-read guide on breaking mirror play Mirror

World Championship Video Series #6

If you missed the other 5 videos you can  watch the entire series here

Norway Teams up with World RPS Society

Norway is holding their National RPS Championships over the next month all over the country in 10 separate events. Once again, the World RPS Society is pleased to take part and provide official sanctioning. This year the "Team Norway Vikings"

Woman wins Australian RPS Title

Assie Flag

The cream of Australia’s RPS players imploded at the 2ndannual 2006 ‘Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ (ARPSC) National Final, Sunday 27th of August at’ Twin Towns Services Club’, Tweed Heads,NSW. The final 16 players in the main event were made

Earlybird registration closes in 2 days!

Ticket Prices go up in 2 days, so if you want to get in a compete at the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships for a price cheaper than last year you better get on it quick! Sign up before August

Last Chance for Aussie Championships

After months of gruelling, war of nerves competition, the 2006 ARPSC Regional & State/Territory Qualifying Rounds are complete.  (2006 State/Territory Champion player profiles click here ) Missed out on entering?  Could you have been a contender for the Australian title? 

Philly League Event on Wednesday

This in from our friends st the RPS Philly League. Check out their site if you  woudl like to read it straight from them   As many of you well know by now, Wednesday, August 23rd will be the PBRPRPSCLCS

RPS Art Film.

While we here at Think Three have seen our share of RPS videos, we have never seen one that would fit firmly in the Art Film category. Black and white, grainy texture and some other art house conventions make this

RPS Radio Episode #3

The August  episode of RPS Radio is out at You can also subscribe to the podcast via the iTunes Music store or check the subscribe section of the RPS Radio site So here's a quick rundown on the major

Jim Noir and RPS

Every once in a while you score a triple. Not nessearliy in RPS but in life. Sometimes while blogging we at Think Three have MTV playing on the tube in the background  (sorry we don't get many channels) and every