Month: October 2006

RPS on Rocketboom

The World RPS Championships were featured as a field report a while back on the  Rocketboom. (In addition to overseeing the World RPS Championships Graham Walker is also Rocketboom's  Prague  correspondent )  So if you want some more insight into

Championship Event Promo

 Worldrps has released the new Championship promo. (Well, it is only an update of a promo that they have used in past years) Shows bits of the famous Krueger vs. Rigeaux final match. Total running time 1:00 minute   

World Championship Team Update

More teams than ever have registered for the 2006 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships. This year, as a way of helping with the line congestion at the beginning of the evening, the World RPS Society will be allowing a team  

Megan wins PBR Keystone Classic

  Johnny Goodtimes has written a great synopsis of recent PBR Keystone Classic that was put on by none other than Master Strategist and 2005 top 16 finisher Mr. C. Urbanus. Veterans take note that The Midnight Rider (from parts

How to beat anyone at RPS

Read the most popular article ever on "How to beat anyone at RPS"

World Championship Video Series #9

2nd last video in the series. We are getting down to the final 4 action. Most of you will know how this all ends up but it doesn't make it any less enjoyable to watch. Part nine of the World

RPS RADIO Episode #5 – World Championship Edition

RPS Radio

Alex and Chris have posted their latest episode of RPS Radio and it is great. This month focuses on how to get the most out of your World RPS championships experience. Interviews and strategies from Chicago up-and-comer Jason Kieronski, Ex-pro

World Championship Press Release

A Media Release went out today.  For immediate release: Fifth Annual World Rock Paper Scissors Championship to be held inToronto on November 11— $10,000 Championship Prize Money, Competition Open to the GeneralPublic — TORONTO, ON, October 11, 2006 – Toronto

Kieronski Training Video

Jason Kieronski who you might remember from here has headed into the next phase of his World RPS Championships training program which, this time, is actually about how to help others to play better RPS. We at Think Three think

Students plan to take over Google playing RPS.

Forget the Million dollar homepage , these two students have hatched a plan to make a $120 Billion Dollar takeover of by challenging shareholders to put up one share of google against their RPS skillz. The plan (at least