Month: November 2006

Tickets Almost Gone


Only 50 competitor tickets left! Anyone planning on becoming the next World Champion of Rock Paper Scissors better sign-up soon. We at the Think Three Blog  have learned that there are only 50 competitor tickets left. So for some of

Looking for a Place to Stay?


If you are looking for cheaper accomodation for the World RPS Championships, we got an email from a Great Backpacker Hostel Global Village Backpackers is located Downtown Toronto, within a few minutes walk to the World RPS Championship (at Steam

RPS Photo Pool

Sharing is good! With so many digital cameras snapping shots at the World Championships, the WRPSS is suggesting that everyone upload their best shots to the newly created Rock Paper Scissors Photo Pool at This way we can all

Out of the Counsel of Three Comes Wisdom

For those of you who still think RPS is a simple game of chance (akin to flipping a coin), here is, finally, some conclusive proof to the contrary. Dr. Mitsuo Yoshizawa  Yoshizawa, a Tokyo University of Science professor, conducted an