Month: December 2006

Rock Paper Infidel!

Once again, Rock Paper Scissors is making the news. This time as part of a tolerance campaign by the Virginia Interfaith Centre. Although there are 3 executions in the campaign, The Think Three bog is particularly interested in one of

The Saint takes to The Street

Bryan "The Saint" Bennett took to The Street (as in Wall Street) with to try out his skillz against some shaks.  After all, he is now not only the best US RPS player, also the best player in North

Sky High RPS

Here is something we have never seen before. RPS being played after jumping out of plane. The real question is what were they playing for? Who gets the parachute ;)?

Worldrps at Womma

We are honoured to announce that Doug Walker of the World RPS Society will be speaking at the  World of Mouth Marketing Summit in Washington on Tuesday , December  12th. on the viral success of the WRPSS which includes a