Month: January 2007

Another judge orders RPS

Taking a page from Judge Presnell's book , another U.S. District Senior Judge, Marvin H. Shoob has ordered two numbskullian  squabbling lawyers to settles their clerical differences using RPS. He named "Rock, Paper, Scissors" as the future means by which

RPS Battle of Wits

Know how to program a bot? Dig RPS? Then this link is for you . David Bau has created a RPS Bot Arena inspired by Darse Billing's now legendary Roshambot programing competition. if you are looking for a computer-simulated strategy

Lack of Talent? Loads of Gamemanship!

New Zealand 2006 National Champion Matt Martin is claiming in a profile in the New Zealand Daily Post that there is no skill involved in RPS. Considering he has to defend his title now that the 2007 season is upon

Knock Knock Film Noir

Seza Pingo a filmmaker from Portland, Oregon has complete a short called Reaux Cham Beaux. (or Knock, knock.). And when we say short, we mean short, it comes in at 1min20sec titles and credits included. Standout performance by Michael Davidescu

Royalty Free Blasphemy

This photo we found over at should be illegal as far as we are concerned. The Photographer's description tells all: This image illustrate what nothing is impossible and here the sample: Rock smash the Paper and Scissors cracks the

Update your Worldrps Feed

We have changed our RSS feed so if you are a subscriber make sure to update it to keep abreast of all the lastest RPS news, views and bombastic action by subscribing to the new one. We will be disabling

RPS in Competitive Game Design

  Interesting that a day after we put out a post about RPS in video games (see below) that the most comprehensive article on using RPS in game development comes out. "Rock Paper Scissors – A Method for Competitive Game

Why Gamers Need a Kick-Ass RPS Console Game

Visitors of will no doubt have noticed the recent Rock Paper Scissors 2006 for PS2 entry (pictured left) that was featured as part of the Beta Busts 6: Video games  that we won't likely see contest. As funny as

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