Month: January 2007

Sistine Chapel RPS

If you ever make it to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican to look at Michelangelo's Ceiling, look up…way up and you just might see a little game going on.

RPS Ad on TV

Last year, footage from the World RPS Society appeared in a TV ad for an Argentinian Telecom. Proving that the power of television advertising is waining, membership in the region showed no marked increase. The commercial is still a lot

New Merchandise Coming Soon

Because of constant inquiries,  the ever popular "Power Stealth and Ingenuity " T-shirt will be returning to the World RPS Pro Shop.  And this time, it will be better and more stylish than ever: – Not only black t-shirts be

RPS Cubed!

Got an email from the fine folks at Blue Panther Games   who have created a new RPS themed game called "Cubed " which is 2-4 player strategic game of rock, paper, scissors in 3D. We will let you know

The Bullboard is back baby

Great News in the bullboard. It is back up and better than ever with more features and a better look. Here is the announcement post from our very own Bulladmin. If you prefer to experience the bullboard instead of read

Championship Video Series #10

Last video in the World Championship Video Series has finally been posted. See the final 4 action at the 2003 World Championships . Most of you will know how this all ends up but it doesn't make it any less

“Beauty and the Geek” Play RPS

Once again, Reality TV shows prove to be a great hunting ground for RPS references. We love it when RPS is used unprompted in Reality TV shows because it is probably the most real moments in the entire genre. It

Rock Paper Sushi

We got an interesting letter in the mail the other day asking for some assistance. Gentlemen, I would appreciate your ruling, as rock-scissors-paper experts, on the following situation: Three-way contest for two pieces of sushi.   One throw. Just before the

The Fall of RPSSuperchallenge?

Seems that the World RPS Society is not the only RPS organization to get mired in controversy. Although, thankfully the WRPSS has never had a scandal that shakes the very foundation of the game. Especially, one that uses the "C

The Art of RPS in Your Home

The World RPS Society is pleased to announce that it is making available for purchase artwork from its historical advertising archives available at These are great quality prints too. Poster Prints can be purchased for less that $13 for