Month: February 2007

Valentines Day RPS Fun

Little RPS themed Valentines fun today found . We would put this is the almost MNSFW (maybe not safe for work) category. Only because it is ever so slightly naughty. So if you want to see the rest of


As a few recents posts have discussed how RPS plays a big role in video game development. We found the following short clip (47 seconds) that does a humourous job of explaining the notion of balance in World of Warcraft

Crimson vs. Simpson

Bullboarder Mathew Crimson has sparked a flurry of activity on the World RPS bullboard recently trying to back the now debunked myth that a randomized strategy is the optimal strategy in RPS. In a masterstroke, Bullboarder Martin Burley came out

Save Big money on our T-shirts

Want a neat way to save a whopping $15 when you buy our t-shirts? Paypal has a crazy promotion going on until March 31st giving anyone who makes a purchase using the paypal service a $15 rebate when the total

Goodbye to Roshambeau

We at the Think Three blog have failed our faithful readers. Our job is scour the earth in search of the best and most important RPS related stories and we missed possible the biggest and saddest RPS story of the @ St. Louis Science Centre

Back in September, 26:46 (who's motto is KILL YOUR TV) filmed a piece at the St. Louis Science Centre's RPS Tournament of Champions. It was only recently that Think Three saw the final piece and we must say that

We brake for Scissors

   Talk about wow (not WoW ) but WOW. Possibly the coolest RPS vehicle ever is hitting the streets of California. Our favourite Winery is heading on the road with the Roshambus. Long story about what is going on in

Super Bowl RPS Dud

Watch the Super Bowl last night? See an RPS ad the seemed oddly familiar? Bud Lite, in typical fashion, has once again co-opted RPS and ended up with a very poorly executed and derivative output. Witness their RPS ad vs.

The Sweetest L’il Rock

So players often wonder why Rock is considered the most popular throw. That one that we rely upon in those times when we are, down, frazzled, or backed into a corner.  Well, we submit the following photo as proof that

Odd Ebay Item

We know that RPS is bigger than ever these days, but we really must say that we don't like people grasping at rocks to help generate more interest in their auction  Sixth Plate Dag in half case only – Odd