Month: March 2007

Media Training Workout

Well you can tell that the 2007 RPS Season is upon us as players are released from their winter slumbers and begin their training programs. More and more often lately, we are noticing that players are adding in a new

Australian Championship Annoucement

The 3rd Annual 2007 ‘Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ (ARPSC) State & Territory Qualifying Rounds are scheduled May.  The Australian Qualifying Round & National Final will be staged at ‘Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern’, Gold Coast, QLD on Saturday 11th of August.


Found a great RPS variant for kids and adolescents over at called Rock-Paper-Scissors-Tag . Basically, two teams stand opposite each other and select a throw as a team. They then play rps and which ever team wins must tag

New Zealand RPS Championships

The 2nd Annual 2007 ‘New Zealand Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ (NZRPSC) will be staged across the Nation with Regional Qualifying Rounds scheduled for May & the National Qualifying Round & Final 22nd of July.   click here too see venue

Heritage Day RPS Event

Little late on getting this one out to you, but if you are in the South African Neighbourhood on Heritage day on March 21,  the Armchair Theatre is having an RPS Competition. And if you aren't from South Africa, by

November, Just In Time For March!

We love Fridays here at the Think Three blog, especially when our favourite podcast that we have been waiting for 4 months for has (finally) come out. That is right, the November episode of RPS Radio is available for download

Vintage RPS Player Cards

Not often does something this amazing and historically significant come across our desks here at the Think Three Blog, but we have got a hold of what could be the earliest RPS Player cards ever.  In fact, these are likely

more RPS Film Noir

 More RPS Film Noir. Not sure how we should feel about the ending, but it is certainly quite tense.