Month: April 2007

3rd Annual North Pole Classic

Often people assume that the North Pole Classic is some sort of joke, but we can tell our dear readers with absolute certainty that it is indeed the Northern most RPS tournament on the planet. In fact, the Svalbard area

Evolution of RPS Character Drawings

FROM THIS…  Chris Wahl did a project for Pepsi Australia as part of an RPS promotion and has made a very interesting post on his blog about the creative process of developing these characters for the Agency in charge and

Press Photos


G4TV Ninja RPS Battle

So, we think we know RPS pretty well here at the Think Three blog. But we got wind of this ad for Ninja Warrior (which looks like another great Japanese crazy game show program) and none of us here can

The Dance of Hands

This month's Believer Magazine has an article called "The Dance of Hands ". This is probably the longest article ever written on the sport of RPS. The writer Rod O'Conner really jumped head first into the World of RPS with

Philly League 2007

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 11, 2006 (Philadelphia) 2nd Annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series Season to Kick Off April 15 The Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors Championship Series Planning Committee is pleased to announce that

RPS Puzzle Fun

Martin Burley from New Zealand recently posted an excellent puzzle in the World RPS Bullboards.    Here's an RPS puzzle to tickle people's brain cells… I think it's pretty fiendish, but it can be solved, I promise! Midnight Rider, C.

Rock Paper Swords?

An unfair game of rock-paper-scissors launches an epic battle between two stick-figure armies. View here This is a very cool animated short (2 minutes) done by a group of 7 Animation Students at Ohio State University . Usually when you