Month: May 2007

Arctic RPS Results

The 3rd Annual North Pole Classic was held in Longyearbyen last weekend and in attendance was both Geir-Arne Brevik – President of the Norwegian RPS Association and Graham Walker of the World RPS Society. Tournament was a unqualified success. Geir-Arne

2007 World RPS Championships Update

Just a quick post with some early but very important news. Shine up your fists because the 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships will be taking place in Toronto on October 13th, 2007. At this point most details are still

Googling the Gambits

Once again,  Bullboarder Martin Burley of New Zealand has come up with a barn buster best of the bullboards post. Martin, decided to do a little google research to analyze the the popularity of the Great Eight Gambits. Enjoy! To

New Zealand Tournament Report

Bullboarder Martin Burley has written a great field report on the New Zealand RPS Championships which has been posted below. If you re interested in more details about the New Zealand events you can visit the New Zealand Championships Website.

Barack Paper Scissors

With the popularity of RPS these days, it is not surprising to see it linked to a politician (and yes we know this is not 'official' Obama Barrack merchandise), but that is not the point. The point actually is that