Month: August 2008

2008 Championship Ad

click to play Years ago, someone noticed that both Churchill and Hitler had identifying jestures that not only looked remarkably similar to two particular RPS throws, but also related an accurate historical fact: England beat Germany in World War II. 

Norway to Crown Champion in Sept

    If there is a country that has done more to promote RPS, it would have to be Norway. NFSSPP has been sending some of the best and most enthusiastic players to the World Championships since way back in

Rosey wins the Aussie Title

After months of gruelling, mind numbing, war of nerves competition the cream of Australia's RPS players imploded at the 4th annual 2008 'Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships' (ARPSC) National Final, Saturday 9th of August at' Fisherman's Wharf Tavern', Gold Coast,