2009 Rookie Referee Applications Now Open

The few. The Proud. The Ladies and Men of The World RPS Officiary.


They are the conductors of “The Dance of Hands”. They are the thin line between a World Championships of professional sports – and anarchy. They are the only referee core to be called “The best in pro sports, anywhere” by Tom Arnold on Fox Sports Net. They are the Women and Men of the World RPS Society Officiary. And once a year they gather in Toronto to officiate over the crown jewel of professional Rock Paper Scissors – the World Championships.

For the 2009 event there are an extremely limited amounts of spaces available to give amateur RPS referees with dreams of “the big leagues” a chance to get their I-class RPS referee license and preside at the world championships. If you think you have a will of iron, the eyes of an eagle, and the wisdom of solomon – and a passion to apply them in the service of the oldest and most widely played competitive sport in the world, and with potentially $10,000 on the line, you might just have what it takes to join the ranks of the professional Rock Paper Scissors Referee.

Requirements: Prospective Referees should be familiar with the WRPS Rules of Play, will be expected to attend a 90 minute training session the week prior to the event, and an orientation the night of the event and actively referee for 3 to 4 hours  at the Saturday November 14th World Championships. Referees must be a minimum of 19 years of age.

What else is in it for you: the prestige of officiating at a World Championship event, an I-class referee license, and whatever perks the society is able to scrounge up from time to time.

To apply, please e-mail bfox@worldrps.com with your answers to the following questions:


1. Your name, e-mail address, and daytime phone number.

2. What refereeing experience do you have (RPS or otherwise)?

3. Why do you feel you would make a good RPS referee?

4. One of your players has just thrown “dynamite”. What do you do?

5. Your players are not simultaneously delivering their throws. What do you do?

Please note that due to the very small number of available rookie positions, WRPS may only be able to reply to selected applicants.

Applications will be evaluated in the order they are received and this “application window” may be closed at any time with no advance notice.

Thanks for your interest in the Referee corps, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2009 Yahoo! World Rock Paper Scissors Championships!