Month: September 2009

2009 World RPS Championships

Be the World Champion - November 14, 2009

  There had been whispers, rumors, hushed conversations in darkened alleyways. Now there is a date, a location, and a goal. The "Dance of Hands" returns to the historic Steam Whistle brewery on Saturday, November 14th, 2009. Mark your calendars,

2009 Rookie Referee Applications Now Open

The few. The Proud. The Ladies and Men of The World RPS Officiary.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF ROCK PAPER SCISSORS: ROOKIE REFEREE APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN They are the conductors of “The Dance of Hands”. They are the thin line between a World Championships of professional sports – and anarchy. They are the only referee

Participants Needed for Rock Paper Scissors Research

  Have you ever played Rock Papers Scissors? Have you ever taken it to the next level and competed in Rock Paper Scissors? Have you ever been to the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships or any other higher level Rock