6th Annual Roshambo Winery Tourney


NaomiWine Goddess and RPS Hero Naomi Brilliant is not only the mastermind behind the fighting for fun in a Winey World anti- establishment Roshambo Winery, but is also the founder of the longest running Rock Paper Scissors competition in the United States. Every June, players from around North America and often abroad pack up their fists and head up to wine country to enjoy the dichotomy of a this relaxed yet intense, fun yet fierce event.

The 6th annual competition will take place at high noon in the new Roshambo Tasting room with a $1600 prize purse. Tickets are $20 . If you have never had a chance to compete at a real RPS event before, Roshambo will be your perfect introduction to the fun vibe that you expect from people that care about creating the best possible player experience.

More inforomation is available at roshambowinnery.com