Arctic RPS Results

Polar Classic The 3rd Annual North Pole Classic was held in Longyearbyen last weekend and in attendance was both Geir-Arne Brevik – President of the Norwegian RPS Association and Graham Walker of the World RPS Society.

Tournament was a unqualified success. Geir-Arne was at his finest (in his finest tournament wear as can be seen below) and acted as MC with Graham Walker providing the reffing for the final 4. Woman proved to the dominated force with an all female final four which had Sara Rønne taking first prize. In fact, woman have won this Polar contest for the 3rd year in a row. To add further insult to the male ego, the Street RPS competition was also won by female Mariell Viktoria who defeated Norwegian Documentarian cum Street RPS player Markus Thonhaugen.

In an upcoming post, we will look at Graham's and Geir-Arne's epic Polar journey to the Russian settlement of Barrentsburg in search of a mythical RPS bar rumoured to have some of the highest stake games in the entire Arctic Region.

Polar Classic 2