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Android’s Charming RPS ad

Neural Prosthetics – Barrier Breaker or Game Changer

Rock Paper Scissors at the speed of thought is a notion that has occurred to many high-level players as their training bumps into the limits of human biology, but what about those with physical barriers preventing their play at all? Sadly many

Great cultural article on RPS

Wil Fulton has put forward the boldly-titled  The Secret to Winning Rock-Paper-Scissors: A Living History of the World’s Oldest Game. It turns out to be an excellent article on the history, culture and strategy of RPS and we hear from some

‘Passing of a Titan” Stops 2010 World Championship Event

It is our sad duty to announce the passing of Wojek Smallsoa, Chairman of the World RPS Society Steering Committee. After a life-long battle with living, Chairman Smallsoa’s mortal Paper was snipped short at the age of 87. No details

Fists of Fury grabs Australian RPS Title

The 6th Annual 2010 ‘Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ (ARPSC) winner is ‘Peter Mathews’ aka ‘Fists of Fury’.  Second place went to Alex Dalgleish aka Louisville Slugger (ACT), Third place went to Alex Reid aka FA (ACT) with Jay Fowler

2010 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion wins second title

Congratulations to Baconshark of Team David Bowie’s Package on becoming the 2010 Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Champion. The final match was a battle of RPS titans featuring Baconshark versus his teammate Zombie Llama (both have

“Pink Bitz” Dominates New Zealand Championship

New Zealand has declared a new RPS Champion. Jade Fowler, aka “Pink Bitz”. Ms Bitz took  top prize and goes on to compete at the Australian Open June 24th in Canberra. The winner of the Australian Open will represent both

2010 Australian RPS Championships

State & Territory rounds have commenced & will be followed by the Australian Open Qualifying Round & Australian Open Grand Final, Thur 24-6-10.  ‘Canberra Irish Club’, ACT.  Ph (02) 6288 5088.   AUST Open Qualifying Round: Open to all.  Player (18

2010 New Zealand RPS Championships

NZ Qualifying Round & NZ Grand Final – World’s End Bar & Restaurant’, Tauranga. Ph: (07) 579 4185.  Sat 1st of May 2010.   NZ Qualifying Round: Open to all.  Player (18 years+) registration onsite at venue from 6.00pm onwards.  Play

Rock Paper Scissors Training Glove

It would seem that technology is finally beginning to offer RPS players a more advanced self-training method than playing in front of the mirror. Steve at has released the full specs and instructions on building a playing glove that