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It is not about predicting what your opponent will throw; it is about predicting what your opponent predicts you will throw 



 Bob Cooper is not only the World Rock Paper Scissors Champion but also a world-class promoter. While most champions have been happy to sit back and let the calls come to them, Bob has been taking a more active approach. He has created a website  in record-time and is using his fame for a bid to capture the 2006 BBC Sports Personality of the year . Considering how poorly England has been playing Cricket and Football lately, he has a serious chance (even though 'officially' the nominations are closed)

So how can you help bob? Head over to  and fill out the online petition to reopen nominations. So far over 350 people have signed on

You can also Digg his story here

Bob was interviewed yesterday on one of BBC Radio's most listened to programs: Chris Evans Drivetime. Listen to the Wednesday Nov 22nd episode at the1:42:00min mark