Call to Arms -1972

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Call to Arms

As a reaction against the Rise Above Conlict execution which was felt to lack a strong “call to action”, hardline members of the World RPS Society developed “Call to Arms” as a pointed counterpoint. Gone are the happy smiles and sunshine moments of Rise Above Conflict, instead they have been replaced with this more hard-edged look that coldly seperates each player into their own seperate box backed by blazing colour. The bold headline charges ahead and commands the viewer to take action with RPS.

It is interesting to compare the two images side by side as the artist went as far as to get a bit cheeky by changing the throw that each of the characters is holding in Rise Above Conflict to the to throw that beats it in Call To Arms. While this particular subltly was lost on most viewers, it sent a clear message to the soft-leaning element within the Society that the hardliners were back…with a vengeance