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Here is the World RPS Society’s FAQ page.

30. I once heard somewhere that rock represented power, paper represented money and I can’t remember

30. A very good question, but unfortunately one with far too many answers. Since most cultures lay claim to some form of RPS it is very difficult to pin down any consensus. However, here is a summary of the most

29. In my youth, the winner of RPS was allowed to inflict corporal punishment to the loser by holdin

We have found two main holdouts in the "Corporal Punishment" arena. They are 1) AvT’s and (2) Thrill Seekers: Political correctness aside, using punishment games as a training vehicle has waxed and waned in popularity off and on throughout the

28. Another technique is to throw an unknown (example: a texas Longhorn hand position). While this u

Utilizing nonexistent moves such as the "Texas Longhorn" A.K.A. "Hawaiian wave/hang loose sign" or hundreds of other such spurious throws has always been viewed as a reprehensible offense in most RPS circles. If it isn’t enough that we are still

27. Do you feel that the Simpsons episode where Bart plays RPS with his sister Lisa and thinks to hi

Funny you shouuld mention that. The RPS Public Relations Department recently issued a study entitled "The Effect of Recent Media Coverage on RPS Throws" which made many astounding discoveries, among them: Occurence of Rock has risen by over .3% since

Is it standard procedure to do the “motions” (i.e., scissors cutting the paper, or paper covering ro

The RPS Steering Committee made a ruling on this very issue in the late 80s. It was once common practice to "ritualize the win", as it was called, but unfortunately for a promising young player it was disastrous. In a

25. When in a RPS match against a perceived psychic what is the best strategy to adhere to.

This is rarely encountered, but should you find yourself in this situation, we would recommend that you practice your throws while thinking of the name of another throw. Instead of thinking of it by its rightful name think of it

24. How are the locations for RPS Tournaments decided?

Oddly enough, the locations are determined by drawing straws. Originally it was decided by RPS, however the fierce competition between the LOCs (Local Organising Committees) resulted in certain unnamed local clubs holding back their best competitors from the actual tournaments,

23. Any words of advice on breaking out of “mirror plays”?

Mirror plays or stalemates occur when two competitors reach the zone (see above) at the same time and the result can be frustrating to intermediate players. This is the one time when sheer force of will in breaking out of

22. My grade 3 child has been learning about RPS in school (to teach probability theory). Will this

No, in fact it may reduce their competitive edge significantly and stunt future development in the game. RPS is not about probabilities, it is a match of wits, craft and ingenuity. The World RPS Society recommends contacting your local branch

21. I’ve seen groups of three or more people playing RPS. Is that possible? I thought it was just a

Although the elegance is somewhat reduced (due to the increase in the number of stalemates) having more than two people playing (called "field play") can add a different level of challenge to the match. The most common way to engage