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Is There Strategy in Rock Paper Scissors?: The Definitive Guide


Having run the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships since 2002, being one of the co-authors of the Official RPS Strategy Guide book, and  followed for 3 years by the crew of the new feature length documentary on Rock Paper Scissors,


DECIPHERING THE SCISSOR ANGLE: Using Body Language to get the Edge by Julian O’Shea At a brief glance, the game of Rock Paper Scissors appears to be a game based entirely on chance. There are three throws, each of which

Strategic Analysis of the “Great Eight” Gambits

Strategic Analysis of the "Great Eight" Gambits Courtesy Bill Helfer This is another article written by the late RPS Guru Master Roshambollha during his famous outreach tour…

Strategies from the Outreach Tour

Strategies from the Outreach Tour Courtesy: Bill Helfer Before RPS Guru Master Roshambollah’s untimely death, he embarked upon a large Outreach tour. These final strategies have been compiled from his learnings…

The Third Throw

The Third Throw Editors note: This letter fist appeared in RPS News and Notes and is a reader response from a article entitled “New thinking on playing out the third round after losing a best of two match”

The Myth of Dynamite Exposed

The Myth of Dynamite Exposed The debate over the existence of dynamite has probably been the single most heated discussions for novice players.  Dynamite is infeasible within the Rock, Paper and Scissors Trinity. The answer lies in simple mathematics. Compare

How to Get the Most Out of Coaching Young RPS Players

Becoming a coach to young players can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences in one’s life. But, fostering the development of these kids can be a difficult task to many.