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Old School RPS

Sometimes you see something, so old and so cool that you just know that somehow you are going to have to get one for yourself no matter what the cost. For us at the Think Three blog, this Japanese old

Rock Paper Tortilla

Now here is a restaurant promotion we can get into. California Tortilla is running a promotion this Wednesday June 20 where customers get to challenge the cashier to a game of RPS and if the customer wins they receive $1

RPS goes Electronic…why?

If there are any two things in this world that we at Think Three love more than anything else it would have to be RPS and gadgets. So you would think that if someone were to combine those two elements

Barack Paper Scissors

With the popularity of RPS these days, it is not surprising to see it linked to a politician (and yes we know this is not 'official' Obama Barrack merchandise), but that is not the point. The point actually is that

Evolution of RPS Character Drawings

FROM THIS…  Chris Wahl did a project for Pepsi Australia as part of an RPS promotion and has made a very interesting post on his blog about the creative process of developing these characters for the Agency in charge and

Rock Paper Swords?

An unfair game of rock-paper-scissors launches an epic battle between two stick-figure armies. View here This is a very cool animated short (2 minutes) done by a group of 7 Animation Students at Ohio State University . Usually when you


Found a great RPS variant for kids and adolescents over at called Rock-Paper-Scissors-Tag . Basically, two teams stand opposite each other and select a throw as a team. They then play rps and which ever team wins must tag

Valentines Day RPS Fun

Little RPS themed Valentines fun today found . We would put this is the almost MNSFW (maybe not safe for work) category. Only because it is ever so slightly naughty. So if you want to see the rest of

Odd Ebay Item

We know that RPS is bigger than ever these days, but we really must say that we don't like people grasping at rocks to help generate more interest in their auction  Sixth Plate Dag in half case only – Odd

The Sweetest L’il Rock

So players often wonder why Rock is considered the most popular throw. That one that we rely upon in those times when we are, down, frazzled, or backed into a corner.  Well, we submit the following photo as proof that