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Rock Paper Scissors Training Glove

It would seem that technology is finally beginning to offer RPS players a more advanced self-training method than playing in front of the mirror. Steve at has released the full specs and instructions on building a playing glove that

RPS The Doc: The Trailer

At long last the trailer for Rock Paper Scissors: The Documentary is available for viewing. Four years in the making, the feature documentary is a very in-depth behind the scenes look at the growth of Rock Paper Scissors as a

World RPS Championship Promo Video

RPS Doc Short

  A lot of people are wondeing what has ever become of the RPS documentary that began filming 4 years ago. Well, we hope to an update soon, but in the meantime, a group of Humber College students created a

G4TV Ninja RPS Battle

So, we think we know RPS pretty well here at the Think Three blog. But we got wind of this ad for Ninja Warrior (which looks like another great Japanese crazy game show program) and none of us here can

Media Training Workout

Well you can tell that the 2007 RPS Season is upon us as players are released from their winter slumbers and begin their training programs. More and more often lately, we are noticing that players are adding in a new

more RPS Film Noir

 More RPS Film Noir. Not sure how we should feel about the ending, but it is certainly quite tense. @ St. Louis Science Centre

Back in September, 26:46 (who's motto is KILL YOUR TV) filmed a piece at the St. Louis Science Centre's RPS Tournament of Champions. It was only recently that Think Three saw the final piece and we must say that

Super Bowl RPS Dud

Watch the Super Bowl last night? See an RPS ad the seemed oddly familiar? Bud Lite, in typical fashion, has once again co-opted RPS and ended up with a very poorly executed and derivative output. Witness their RPS ad vs.

Knock Knock Film Noir

Seza Pingo a filmmaker from Portland, Oregon has complete a short called Reaux Cham Beaux. (or Knock, knock.). And when we say short, we mean short, it comes in at 1min20sec titles and credits included. Standout performance by Michael Davidescu