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RPS Ad on TV

Last year, footage from the World RPS Society appeared in a TV ad for an Argentinian Telecom. Proving that the power of television advertising is waining, membership in the region showed no marked increase. The commercial is still a lot

Championship Video Series #10

Last video in the World Championship Video Series has finally been posted. See the final 4 action at the 2003 World Championships . Most of you will know how this all ends up but it doesn't make it any less

“Beauty and the Geek” Play RPS

Once again, Reality TV shows prove to be a great hunting ground for RPS references. We love it when RPS is used unprompted in Reality TV shows because it is probably the most real moments in the entire genre. It

Avalanche: An RPS Story

We at the Think Three Blog usually don't like RPS Mockumentary films, but we just came across quite a good 10 minute Mock short called: Avalanche: An RPS Story. Great job of short-handing the competition to keep the story moving

Will it Blend RPS Spoof?

Skip right to 1:13 minutes to see what happens when Rock and Scissors get blended. For the life of us, noone at the Think Three Blog can figure out why he wouldn't have thrown in a piece of paper. Concern

RPS on Rocketboom

The World RPS Championships were featured as a field report a while back on the  Rocketboom. (In addition to overseeing the World RPS Championships Graham Walker is also Rocketboom's  Prague  correspondent )  So if you want some more insight into

Championship Event Promo

 Worldrps has released the new Championship promo. (Well, it is only an update of a promo that they have used in past years) Shows bits of the famous Krueger vs. Rigeaux final match. Total running time 1:00 minute   

World Championship Video Series #9

2nd last video in the series. We are getting down to the final 4 action. Most of you will know how this all ends up but it doesn't make it any less enjoyable to watch. Part nine of the World

World Championship Video Series #8

A quick guide to some of the different strategies players use at the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships in Toronto Part eight of the World Rock Paper Scissors Championship video series   If you missed the other 7 videos you

World Championship Video Series #7

You are treading on dangerous ground at the World RPS Championships if you try and pull out something other than a Rock Paper or Scissors. See the reaction Curt gets as he tries… If you missed the other 6 videos