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Doc Screening and Tournament

Calgary gets another shot at viewing RPS: A Geek Tragedy Documentary For one-night only, Mike Mckeown will be screening his award-winning documentary, "Rock Paper Scissors: A Geek Tragedy" in Calgary followed by the first annual Rock Paper Scissors Cowtown Classic

Midnight Rider Training Journal Part II

Part II in the ongoing training journal by the Midnight Rider from Part Unknown. Full discussion available on the World RPS Bullboards Training report:  Last Wednesday was my first day of real training.  I went three for three across all

The Midnight Rider Training Journal

The Midnight Rider, who is a veteran of the RPS circuit is writing a training journal on the World RPS bullboard in the weeks leading up to the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships on October 13th in Toronto . We

What Makes RPS Meaningful

Bullboarder extrodinaire Martin Burley has written another excellent post on the deeper aspects of what makes RPS such a compelling game. if you want to feel a little smarter after reading something today, we can think of no better post

Googling the Gambits

Once again,  Bullboarder Martin Burley of New Zealand has come up with a barn buster best of the bullboards post. Martin, decided to do a little google research to analyze the the popularity of the Great Eight Gambits. Enjoy! To

RPS Puzzle Fun

Martin Burley from New Zealand recently posted an excellent puzzle in the World RPS Bullboards.    Here's an RPS puzzle to tickle people's brain cells… I think it's pretty fiendish, but it can be solved, I promise! Midnight Rider, C.

Crimson vs. Simpson

Bullboarder Mathew Crimson has sparked a flurry of activity on the World RPS bullboard recently trying to back the now debunked myth that a randomized strategy is the optimal strategy in RPS. In a masterstroke, Bullboarder Martin Burley came out

The Bullboard is back baby

Great News in the bullboard. It is back up and better than ever with more features and a better look. Here is the announcement post from our very own Bulladmin. If you prefer to experience the bullboard instead of read

The Fall of RPSSuperchallenge?

Seems that the World RPS Society is not the only RPS organization to get mired in controversy. Although, thankfully the WRPSS has never had a scandal that shakes the very foundation of the game. Especially, one that uses the "C

Sky High RPS

Here is something we have never seen before. RPS being played after jumping out of plane. The real question is what were they playing for? Who gets the parachute ;)?