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2009 World RPS Championships

Be the World Champion - November 14, 2009

  There had been whispers, rumors, hushed conversations in darkened alleyways. Now there is a date, a location, and a goal. The "Dance of Hands" returns to the historic Steam Whistle brewery on Saturday, November 14th, 2009. Mark your calendars,

Austrailan Champion crowned

Play is now complete in the 5th annual 2009 'Australian Open Rock Paper Scissors Championships' (ARPSC).   After months of gruelling & mind numbing competition only one player would concur this war of attrition and inturn claim the prestigious title

Psst! World Championship Whispers

Lot's of email has been coming to the World RPS offices asking/begging/demanding information about the 2009 World RPS Championship event. Now, we can't completely confirm things at the moment as we have some details to take care of, but all

All Female Final Match

2008 Winner

   Wins First Ever All-Female Championship Final Match with a Dramatic Throw of Scissors Beating Paper to win $10,000 Grand Prize   Local RPS talent prevailed when Monica Martinez, a jewelry store owner from Toronto who won match after match

Final Ticket available at the Door


Online ticket sales are over and all remaining spots are available at the door. Please arrive early (doors open at 7pm) to ensure you get your spot Getting down to the wire for the 2008 Yahoo! RPS World Championships .

Norway Crowns a Champion!

After a tournament with extreme amounts of rocks (editors note: Don't the Norwegian players know that "Rock is for Rookies?") , the player that never retreated to scissors won – and won big. Vegard Berg will join Team Norway Vikings

2008 Trading Card Series Released

 Every year, the World RPS Society releases a set of  online trading cards to promote the upcoming 2008 Yahoo RPS World Championships taking place in Toronto on October 25 . This year, of course, is not different with a set

Argentina’s Amazing Journey to the Championships


We received a great email the other day with a very cool story of how a group of friends all the way from Argentina figured out a way to send someone from the group to the 2008 Yahoo! RPS World

Denmark Crowns Champion


You know that the 2008 Yahoo! World Rock Paper Scissors Championships are getting close when the Scandanavians start crowning their champions. For those that don't know, Scandanavia loves competitive RPS and Denmark now loves Hans-Jacob Arndt Nielsen who won the

2008 Championship Ad

click to play Years ago, someone noticed that both Churchill and Hitler had identifying jestures that not only looked remarkably similar to two particular RPS throws, but also related an accurate historical fact: England beat Germany in World War II.