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RPS Fashion Expansion

Back in 1972, the World RPS Society, decided the time was right to expand the Worldrps brand into fashion clothing design and manufacturing. Since their line of RPS t-shirts had been selling very well, it was felt that making a

Clinton vs. Yeltson 1994

MOSCOW, Reuters – Russian leader displays his own sluggish reaction time by revealing his throw too early. Clinton’s confidence is displayed by his pro-active clipping of Yeltsin’s paper…  

Virtual RPS

With the rise of a technology fueled economy in the late 1990’s, Virtual RPS was seen a way to keep the game current. With no business plan and no business model, WRPSS was confident it could spin off this division

Churchill – Man of Scissors

While many would count Sir Winston among the greatest statesmen, his single-minded approach to RPS left much to be desired. As captured in the above and countless other photographs, he most sincerely believed that…  

The Potsdam Stalemate – 1945

While political events overshadowed the impromtu RPS match at the Potsdam conference, this is the only remaining photograph which shows the "three-way stalemate". While the players seem to be enjoying…  

Paper Attack – 1944

During World War II many officers employed the use of RPS to aid in the hundreds of important decisons to be made. Wojek, a Captain at the time of this photo, was among many of the eager young officers studying

Not So Fast – 1953

This advertisement was representative of 1950’s RPS promotional advertising in North America. It was used to remind people of the many relevant situations where RPS could be used to solve problems. This case being one…