‘Passing of a Titan” Stops 2010 World Championship Event

It is our sad duty to announce the passing of Wojek Smallsoa, Chairman of the World RPS Society Steering Committee. After a life-long battle with living, Chairman Smallsoa’s mortal Paper was snipped short at the age of 87. No details have been given as to the manner of his passing, nor are details of the funeral yet available.  Due to the gravity of the situation, a period of mourning within the Society will be recognized which forces the cancellation of the 2010 World Championships of RPS.

Graham Walker, Director of Management, of the World RPS Society called Wojek’s departure “devastating to our Society and society as a whole – the passing of a titan.” Graham’s brother Douglas,the Managing Director of the Society, made the final decision to cancel the World Championships of RPS saying, “How can the event possibly go on under these circumstances? Chairman Smallsoa was so involved with every detail of the society, that it may take us six months to re-establish operations. We simply cannot expect our staff, referees, nor the players to give their best with the shadow of Wojek’s death hanging over us all.”

Mr. Smallsoa dedicated his life to the World RPS Society, the great sport of Rock Paper Scissors and was often referred to as “the father of modern RPS”.  The publishing of his seminal book “The Trio of Hands” in 1960 inspired an entire generation to embrace non-violent conflict resolution. Under his guidance and leadership the World RPS Society has gone from complete obscurity to a powerful sports brand.

A few of Mr. Smallsoa’s notable achievements were:

  • Chairmanship of the World RPS Society Steering Committee from 1987 – 2010
  • Publishing of the Trio of Hands in 1960
  • Received the World RPS Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award no less than 30 times
  • Inadvertently was the catalyst for the famous 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, when his original plans for an RPS competition fell through  Mr Smallsoa casually commented to producer Michael Lang that “I guess ‘Three Days of Peace’ could be stretched to mean music.”
  • Coined the famous phrase: “To the beginner the choices are few; to the expert the choices are many.”

At this point no date has been set for the 2011 World Championship, nor who will be entitled to Mr. Smallsoa’s coveted parking spot in front of Trinity Square Plaza in Toronto. Details as they are available will be posted here.