Dreams of World RPS Glory

CasabonitaWe have been away on holiday for a bit here at the Think Three Blog so we missed some players from Casa Bonita, Australia who are searching for funds to attend the World RPS Championships in Toronto on October 13th

They have made a great promo video but judging from the 2-prime shoot they are using, it is clear that they are Rookies. If they don't adjust to the 3-prime format at the World's they will be in for a short trip.

You can visit their blog here and track their progress.  To get an idea of their dream, we have copied the text from their first post: 

Every sportsman has a dream. The dream of entering the biggest contest of our sports, compete with the world's greatest sportsmen. And win.

We at Casa Bonita, Byron Bay, Australia have trained hard for long months, learned strategic thinking as well as straighten our thoughts, and prepare for the exhausting battle in our souls.

Now, we're ready for the competition.

Our dream is to enter the world championships of rock paper scissors 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

All we need is the funds to get there by 13rd october, Toronto.
Please make a donation to fulfil our dream. Check back, in the next posts we'll introduce the team, the planning, and the fantastic world of rock paper scissors. From now on, updates come along about the training process, the costs of the trip and how much donation have we got so far.