Evolution of RPS Character Drawings


Pepsi 1

 Chris Wahl did a project for Pepsi Australia as part of an RPS promotion and has made a very interesting post on his blog about the creative process of developing these characters for the Agency in charge and the Pepsi client. If you have any interest in seeing the "creative for hire" process in action, it is a great step by step account with, of course, great visuals . We'll let Chris tell you about the initial briefing below and if you want to see more just visit his site

Here's an abridged version of the brief I received on each character
"Rock- Colour red, reflecting his temper. Looks like a rock- short, broad, bulky…and bald. Rough and tough as guts. He's crazy, loud and ferocious. He yells and beats his chest. Think The Hulk." The photos accompanying the brief were of masked Mexican wrestlers.

"Paper- The modern white goddess. Snow white hair and cool white outfit. Sexy, attractive. Domineering presence. Think trainer Gillian from The Biggest Loser."

"Scissors- Tall, lean man. Quick and nimble. Wears a tight shiny blue outfit and has 3 foot-high spiky blue hair. Think cool punk with an edge of futuristic appeal. The clever one". During the meeting a comparison with Jim Carrey as The Riddler was mentioned.

Armed with all this information I proceed to the next step.