EYE Weekly Street RPS Challenge

EYEWe are very excited this year to have EYE WEEKLY on board not only as the "Official Paper of the 2007 World RPS Championships ", but also as the sponsor of the $1000 EYE WEEKLY Street RPS Challenge.

If you have not been to the World RPS Championships before, then you will certainly need a little schooling in how Street RPS works. It is easy, everyone who enters is given a stake of RPS bucks that they wager in side games against anyone and everyone. Play for one RPS buck or your whole stake, lightning rounds or best of 15, it is all up to you and your opponent. At the end of the night before the final 16, whoever has collected the most bucks is awarded a $1000.00 prize. 

Remember, there is no second place, with the EYE WEEKLY Street RPS competiton, it is winner take all