21. I've seen groups of three or more people playing RPS. Is that possible? I thought it was just a
Although the elegance is somewhat reduced (due to the increase in the number of stalemates) having more than two people playing (called "field play") can add a different level of challenge to the match. The most common way to engage in field play is via elimination. Now each player in the field must anticipate the moves of each separate player much quicker. Tactics include the "Holdback or Ducking" where a player will intentionally put in what they believe to be a stalemate move in the hopes that the other players end up duking it out and eliminate each other until the "Duker" is left only to fight against one other person. Other players prefer to be more aggressive in order to "control the field" and set the tone for the style of play . This is known as "strong-arming the field" and as a tactic can lead to crushing effects.
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