24. How are the locations for RPS Tournaments decided?
Oddly enough, the locations are determined by drawing straws. Originally it was decided by RPS, however the fierce competition between the LOCs (Local Organising Committees) resulted in certain unnamed local clubs holding back their best competitors from the actual tournaments, in order to gain the advantage in competing for the allocation of the game locations and thereby secure the financially lucrative tourism benefits. This downgraded the level of play in the tournaments and generated more excitement for the allocation competitions than the RPS World Championships themselves. Thus, in a hotly debated meeting of the World RPS Steering Committee in 1985, the use of RPS was outlawed in the allocation proceedings. In a rare display by the retired veterans of the Steering Committee, this decision was determined by a boldly executed Scissor Sandwich over an Avalanche (see Gambits). This momentous decision resulted in what was considered to be one of the most outstanding matches of the eighties and ironically happened behind closed doors away from the teaming throngs of RPS professionals and enthusiasts waiting outside the committee chamber.
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