29. In my youth, the winner of RPS was allowed to inflict corporal punishment to the loser by holdin
We have found two main holdouts in the "Corporal Punishment" arena. They are 1) AvT's and (2) Thrill Seekers: Political correctness aside, using punishment games as a training vehicle has waxed and waned in popularity off and on throughout the last century. Its use as an "Aversion Therapy" (or AvT) has been discredited time and time again through our quarterly adhoc psychological roundtable discussions, but sadly it is still in use by misguided parents seeking to "force" improvement upon young prodigies.

The Steering Committee has fostered development of an outreach program which consists of a staffed traveling van. We are concentrating our "anti-thrill seeking" efforts in two key A.O.C's (areas of concern), that being underground sadomasochist clubs and schoolyards. While we have achieved a certain level of success in the schoolyards (at least, it seems, until the van leaves), the S+M Community continues to resist our efforts.

  Submitted by LJ, Fayetteville, NC

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