Final Ticket available at the Door

Online ticket sales are over and all remaining spots are available at the door. Please arrive early (doors open at 7pm) to ensure you get your spot

LogoGetting down to the wire for the 2008 Yahoo! RPS World Championships . Players are starting to make their way into town, media outlets are ringing the Worldrps offices on a regular basis looking to get access. But this Saturday October 25th is what it is all about. $13,000.00 in prize money and what ex-champion Peter Lovering (2002) called the 'biggest slice of pizza".

Word to the wise: A large US based TV station has contacted us about having the champion flown down to New York City for a special appearance right after the event. So, if being interviewed about how great you are on National US television has ever been a dream of yours then winning the Yahoo RPS World Championship title could be your ticket to your 15 minutes of fame!