Googling the Gambits

Googling the Gambits

Once again,  Bullboarder Martin Burley of New Zealand has come up with a barn buster best of the bullboards post. Martin, decided to do a little google research to analyze the the popularity of the Great Eight Gambits. Enjoy!

To lighten the mood round here, here's the results I found for Googling different throws and gambits. (What can I say… it's a slow day in the RPSNZ office!)

Throw – Hits on Google
Rock = 604,000,000
Paper = 600,000,000
Scissors = 23,000,000

Rock, as expected, is the most-mentioned throw, but by a surprisingly narrow margin. Could Paper sneak into the lead this year? Scissors languishes way behind the other two throws. As Scissors fans are often iconoclasts, though, they may not mind.

Gambit – Hits on Google
"Paper Dolls " (PSS) = 1,190,000
"The Avalanche " (RRR) = 1,080,000
"The Toolbox " (SSS) = 1,060,000
"The Denoument " (RSP) = 399,000
"The Crescendo " (PSR) = 279,000
"The Bureaucrat " (PPP) = 235,000*
"Fistful of Dollars " (RPP) = 545,139**
"Scissor Sandwich " (PSP) = 396

*The former name for PPP, 'Confetti', scores 6,640,000 hits
**This total is based on 545,000 hits for "Fistful of Dollars" and 139 hits for "Fistful o' Dollars"

Paper Dolls is the perhaps surprising winner, with The Avalanche stealing second place from The Toolbox by just 20,000 hits.

All searches were for the exact name of the gambit (i.e. ' "The Avalanche" ' rather than 'avalanche', and ' "Scissor Sandwich" ' rather than 'scissor sandwich'). Otherwise the results would be:

Gambit – Hits on Google

toolbox = 82,000,000
avalanche = 25,100,000
paper dolls = 18,600,000
crescendo = 10,400,000
bureaucrat = 2,730,000
denouement = 1,420,000
scissor sandwich = 1,100,000
fistful of dollars = 777,752

So, there you go. Make of it what you will. I'll bring some more entirely irrelevant information your way soon…