Honeymooner Wins Roshambo Winery event

Naomi While cruising for pictures of the great Roshambo Winery event, we came across the following that made us smile from ear to ear. We are so happy that the winner of the event was on her honeymoon.

Honeymooner wins biggest U.S. Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament at Roshambo Winery

This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Newlywed Kristen Lantz was returning to Philly from her honeymoon in Hawaii when she flipped her San Francisco layover into gold. As the story goes, she and her husband headed up to Healdsburg on a whim and outlasted the field of 256 competitors to take home the RPS Championship Trophy and $1000 in prize money at the winery on June 3rd. Roshambo President and Wine Hero, Naomi Brilliant, was happy to see the trophy back in a woman’s hands. "This just proves that guys have no idea what’s going on in a girl’s mind while the ladies know exactly what guys are thinking."

Check here to see the original post at the Winery’s website and remember, all World RPS Society members receive a discount at the Winery’s shop. (pictured above is wine goddess, dream honeymoon maker, event host and owner of Roshambo Winery Naomi Brilliant)

This heartwarming story is certainly a great counter-point to the recent RPS televised event that some of you may have had the misfortune to experience…and for the 1000’s time "No, the WRPSS had nothing to with the production of that show so it is not up to us to give your 7 minutes back before you turned the channel"