Lack of Talent? Loads of Gamemanship!

NZ MAtt New Zealand 2006 National Champion Matt Martin is claiming in a profile in the New Zealand Daily Post that there is no skill involved in RPS. Considering he has to defend his title now that the 2007 season is upon us, such a misdirection gamesmanship tactics are to be expected.

Forgive us if we take this perspective but his stats last season clearly show that he is masking his abilities, 1st place in New Zealand and a Top 8 placement at the World Championships last November is no small feat.

Our advice to Matt is that if you are going to try and use the "Rank Amateur" strategy, you will need to be a little more convincing. Witness the following quotes from the article:

We've all been playing for years, since we were kids. I've never thought I was any good. 

This statement clearly shows that he has been playing the game for at least 25 years. Matt is no amateur.

"There's a lot of money out there to be made from this kind of thing," Mr Martin said. While he maintains he doesn't take it too seriously, others might disagree. He quit his job as an insurance assessor to attend the world event.

Ok, Matt so you don't take it 'seriously' yet you quit your job to focus your efforts at the World RPS Championships.

Look out for Matt Martin in 2007, you heard from Think Three first!