Last Chance for Kiwis

NZWe got an update from our friends at the New Zealand RPS Association 

After months of gruelling, war of nerves competition the 2nd Annual 2007 ‘New Zealand Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ Regional Qualifying Rounds are complete.  

Missed out on entering?  Could you have been a contender for the NZ title?  There's still a last chance for players to enter at the NZ Qualifying Round!!
NZ Qualifying Round & NATIONAL Grand Final.  Sunday 22/7/07.  ‘The Bog Irish Bar’ Manukau, Sth Auckland.  
NZ Qualifying Round: Player registration onsite at venue from 2.00pm.  Play begins at 3.00pm.  Players must be over 18 & be an NZ citizen.  Free competition & venue entry.  Limited entries available – first in best dressed.  Top placegetters from qualifying round join Regional Champions in the Main Event/National Grand Final (approx 7.00pm) to decide the overall champion.  
The 2007 NZRPSC National Champion will go onto compete in the 6th Annual 2007 World RPS Champs, Toronto, Canada, October 13.

For full 2007 NZRPSC details & other essential RPS info, please visit:

2007 NZRPSC Regional Champ player profile;

Auckland Nth Champ: Elizabeth Pryde aka ‘The Biz-a-nator’
Age: 37.  Dominate Hand: R.  Style: Unsuspecting.  Occupation: Domestic Goddess
Auckland Sth Champ: Chris Pemberton aka ‘Paper Cut’
Age: 19.  Dominate Hand: L.  Style: Intimidating.  Occupation: Apprentice Electrician
Hamilton Champ:  Michael Archer aka ‘Archer’
Age: 24.  Dominate Hand: L.  Style: Aggressive.  Occupation: Motor Bike Industry
Tauranga Champ:  Phillip Howard aka Bobby Dazzler
Age: 27.  Dominate Hand: R.  Style: Unorthodox Mexican Madness.  Occupation: Boat Builder
Wellington Champ:  George Warner-Smith
Age: 26.  Dominate Hand: R.  Style: Decisive.  Occupation: Teacher
Gisborne Champ: Ryan Pardoe aka ‘Drunken Master’
Age: 21.  Dominate Hand: R.  Style: Random.  Occupation: Technician.
Dunedin Champ:  Kate Radcliffe aka ‘Radda-Fly’
Age: 20.  Dominate Hand: R.  Style: Unpredictable.  Occupation: Student
Christchurch Champ:  Cameron Blair aka ‘Cam’
Age: 19.  Dominate Hand: R.  Style: Under the Radar.  Occupation: Student