Megan wins PBR Keystone Classic

Keystone Winner   Johnny Goodtimes has written a great synopsis of recent PBR Keystone Classic that was put on by none other than Master Strategist and 2005 top 16 finisher Mr. C. Urbanus. Veterans take note that The Midnight Rider (from parts unknown) came in a respectable third.

The first two rounds moved quickly, and both Johnny's arch nemesis, the Midnight Rider, and Johnny's ex-girlfriend, Elvira, advanced easily (pictured below; they were both, fittingly, dressed in black). Some of the early favorites, Paper Tiger and Frankie Knuckles, were dispatched in the early rounds.

In the Sweet 16, Johnny had to interview the contestants. The Midnight Rider let the crowd know that his hometown was "parts unknown", and that he was representing "both hell and death".

Johnny Goodtimes, Mr. C. Urbanus and the Midnight Rider will all be coming up to Toronto for the 2006 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships