Neural Prosthetics – Barrier Breaker or Game Changer

Rock Paper Scissors at the speed of thought is a notion that has occurred to many high-level players as their training bumps into the limits of human biology, but what about those with physical barriers preventing their play at all? Sadly many people with reduced mobility by disease, accident or genetics have never felt the thrill of crushing an opponents Scissors.

The World RPS Applied Sciences Division has come across some research that has allowed at least one paraplegic to actively participate in the world’s most democratic sport.

In a clinical trial, the Caltech team and colleagues from Keck Medicine of USC have successfully implanted just such a device in a patient with quadriplegia, giving him the ability to perform a fluid hand-shaking gesture and even play “rock, paper, scissors” using a separate robotic arm.

While the World RPS Steering Committee has not ruled on whether this new technology will be permitted on the pro tour, they have promised to fast track the matter and have a decision prior to the next world championship.