New Zealand Tournament Report

New Zealand ChampsBullboarder Martin Burley has written a great field report on the New Zealand RPS Championships which has been posted below. If you re interested in more details about the New Zealand events you can visit the New Zealand Championships Website.  


The NZ RPS Championships kicked off this week. Here's my report on the first heat of the Christchurch regional finals.

The venue was Coyote's, a bar/restaurant that describes itself as 'Kiwi culture with a touch of Santa Fe'. In contrast to last year's venue, the Holy Grail, which is a big, shiny sports bar, Coyote's smaller size, sandstone walls and earth tones give it something of the flavour of a desert saloon, and it felt an appropriate location for the showdown. Even the bar's name is appropriate; as their website says, "In native American culture the Coyote is one of the progenitors of the beginning of time. He is the symbol for the trickster and merrymaker. His main purpose is to prevent the world from taking life too seriously. He has many guises…" …tricksters and merrymakers? That sounds like the RPS scene to me!

There hadn't been much pre-publicity for the tournament, aside from on the radio (the NZ Champs are sponsored by The Rock FM), so turnout was a little on the….READ MORE 

a little on the low side – 20 competitors (though a few more came along too late to compete this week). I'd expect numbers to be higher for the next two weeks, as word gets around. Nevertheless, most of those who did compete came specifically for the tournament, rather than just randomly happening upon it, so the field was fairly strong for a regional heat.

The tournament MC, Matt Hubble, and the match referee, Alice Duncan, both from The Rock FM, did a good job of organizing things, and the event kicked off on time at 10pm and ran smoothly, with breaks after every four matches providing enough time for players to refill their pints and indulge in side-games. While the referee totally forgot to clamp down on vertical Papers, despite her pre-tournament warning, she did handle other situations very well, and wasn't afraid to dish out yellow and red cards when needed. Two players were disqualified for deliberately slow-throwing, with a handful of other warnings handed out. Overall, the ref kept control of proceedings pretty well. All matches were best three of three, two-prime format.

A mix of players took part, with a range of nicknames, including The Crippled Contender, Moog, Mighty Wrighty, Handy Andy, Scissor Teaser, and The Hand With No Name. The early matches were fairly Rock- and Scissors-heavy as players experienced the pressure of competitive play. One of the highlights of the early rounds was the match between Moog and Megster – with a long history of RPS battles between them, these two players were locked in mirror play for most of their match, throwing nearly 20 ties! Other notable moments were The Hand With No Name's dramatic entrance, and The Crippled Contenders effective use of the old "my wrist's broken, so I'm having to play with my weaker hand" trick.

The early rounds tested players' mettle and Larks, Megster, Kenny, and Spongebob Squarefingers came through the challenge to make the semi-finals. As the semis began, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' was playing in the background, the song title a warning of what was to come, for three of these four contenders saw their hopes swiftly crushed. 

Semi-Final One: Larks v Megster
Set 1:
SRR Larks
RRP Megster
Set 2:
PSS Larks
RRR Megster
Winner: Megster

Semi-Final Two: Kenny v Spongebob Squarefingers
Set 1:
SPPPP Spongebob Squarefingers
Set 2:
SSS Kenny
PSP Spongebob Squarefingers
Set 3:
SR Kenny
RP Spongebob Squarefingers
Winner: Spongebob Squarefingers

3rd-4th Play-Off: Larks vs Kenny
Set 1:
RS Larks
SP Kenny
Set 2:
SRS Larks
SSP Kenny
Winner: Larks

Heat 1 Final: Megster vs Spongebob Squarefingers
Set 1:
RRRR Megster
PRSP Spongebob Squarefingers
Set 2:
PP Megster
RR Spongebob Squarefingers
Set 3:
RRSSR Megster
PRSPP Spongebob Squarefingers
Winner of Christchurch Heat 1: Spongebob Squarefingers

So, Spongebob Squarefingers, a tall, dread-locked young guy with a Paper-happy hand, won the first Christchurch heat. Who will win next week's? Tune in here to find out!