Nothing but Goodtimes at PBRPRPSCLCS

Philly LeagueWhat a finish to the longest-named tournament on the RPS circuit: the Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series . Johnny Goodtimes (pictured on right), a local Philly legend (who was seeded 66th), came out on top to beat out all the other qualifiers. For a blow by blow report check out Johnny’s blog at Seems like he took a cue from 2002 World RPS Champion Pete Lovering Zen playbook:

It was an almost religious experience, where my mind wasn’t leading my body, but my body was leading my mind. I was in a state of zen, where everything I did seemed pre-ordained, and where I simply followed my destiny to the summit of my awesomeness.  Goodtimes

Mr C. Urbanus (pictured on left) deserves a huge praise for demonstrating just how to run a proper bar tournament/grassroots program. Unlike another recent ‘budding’ bar promotions we have seen, this one actually relied on building momentum rather than tapping strangers on the shoulder to gather competitors.