November, Just In Time For March!

RPS RadioWe love Fridays here at the Think Three blog, especially when our favourite podcast that we have been waiting for 4 months for has (finally) come out. That is right, the November episode of RPS Radio is available for download today.

We would write a little more about the episode, but we are just so darn busy strapping on our earbuds and synching our iPods that we will let the Triple A man himself, Alex Apter, fill you in (via the Worldrps bullboard):

Hey RPS fans! "The Man" may have tried his best to keep us down, but better than he have tried to kill RPS Radio, and we're still standing. Not just standing, but better than ever. Not just better, but back with a vengance!

Episode 6, containing half of our all-access coverage of the 2006 WRPS International World Championships coverage is live on the site and iTunes now so get cracking at . Episode II, "the thrilling conclusion" as we like to say in the biz… is only a couple of weeks away, and has been guaran-damn-teed before April 1 (no, no joke… we wouldn't be so petty after such a lengthy delay).

So feast your ears and then get ready for a brand new season of RPS Radio coming at you starting this April!




The shownotes are quite detailed and you can check them out here