Old School RPS

Old RPS GameSometimes you see something, so old and so cool that you just know that somehow you are going to have to get one for yourself no matter what the cost. For us at the Think Three blog, this Japanese old (…old…old) school RPS amusement game fits into that category.

Why? Becuase when most people have dreams of playing Wii's at the office, we, instead, dream of battling strange looking white cats inside chicken wire cages in epic RPS battles. We have no clue what the candy striped ribbon is for and what wood-block programming code (or Wiizard of Oz) is behind the game play, but you can bet we be looking under the hood once we wheeled it up the office. 

Come on admit it…you like to have one of these things too if you could.

Ok back to work…so have you got your tickets yet for the 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships?