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New Release! World RPS Society Annouces RPS-OT Version 3.0 (alpha release)

What's new in the RPS OT 3.0 alpha release?

  • increased performance across all platforms
  • optimized for dual processor CPUs
  • Lower RAM requirements
  • Updated Graphical User Interface
  • New neural net technology allows the RPS-OT to improve as you play
  • and a whole slew of new moves, strategies and tactics culled from the pro and veterans RPS circuits

Hold on to your gloves! The RPS-OT is the single most sophisticated RPS Grand Master emulator available anywhere for solo RPS. After years of development (You have done it again, Marty!), intensive engineering and testing it is now available exclusively on the World RPS Web site. Finally a true blend of virtual AND reality.

Here's how it works

  1. Hit the Let's Rock! button below to start
  2. The program will engage in a standard three prime shoot after the image loads
  3. Play against the Online Trainer with your own fist in front of your monitor
  4. Synchronize your priming with the speed of the graphic
  5. Deliver your throw!
  6. The page will automatically refresh every 6 seconds

Sound simple? It is! However, there is a catch, the Trainer's playing style is a hybrid of the playing styles of several retired Grand Masters. We took some of the most devious strategies and tactics ever seen on the World RPS circuit and packed them into our artificial intelligence engine.

Note: In keeping with the honour system the Trainer does not keep score for you.


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